About Tangram

Tangram was created in 1997 by Christine Rayner DipM, ACIM after a successful career in a variety of commercial and academic organisations.

A member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing since 1997 Christine is an Associate Member of the Institute who also holds their Advanced Certificate in Marketing and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

My aim is to make marketing accessible to everyone so that all companies are able to grow their business. I like working with people who understand the value of marketing and will work with me to achieve their goals.

Christine Rayner Tangram

An extensive grounding in most aspects of company and commercial operations in the UK, France, Holland, Austria, USA and Australia has given her a wide-ranging expertise which enables her to assist companies with overseas as well as home markets.

Starting and growing her own business has given her an intimate knowledge of all the frustrations that can confront start-up and fledgling businesses and the need to get them working along the right path as soon as possible and then maintaining their direction.

Christine is a well known speaker at seminars and workshops on all aspects of marketing.

Christine was joined full-time by husband Peter in 2009. A Commercial Accountant with plenty of experience with retail, service and industrial companies, he provides office based support, research, statistics and analysis for clients.