Marketing Plans

With an effective strategic marketing plan you can learn how to focus, measure the results and grow your business.

Implementation of your strategic marketing plan is through a series of marketing tactics. You will use your strategic plan to create an action plan using relevant marketing tactics that can be implemented by your team or by the Tangram team.

The basis of your action plan is a Gantt chart that is not only a list of activities but also a marketing calendar. You will create campaigns that will include a collection of activities to promote specific products or promotions to specific markets or special customer promotions.

The types of activities you will include in your marketing action plan will be:

Website updates

Built into your calendar will be the regularity and topics of updates.

Internet marketing

This could be sponsorship or advertising and will be linked with the campaigns.


Providing customers with updates and introducing new products Media activity - again this will be linked with campaigns and will involve press releases, interviews and presentations.


Created to support campaigns and can be designed to create measure.


Help to support campaigns and provides opportunities to meet potential and more remote customers as well as existing ones.

Marketing - an overview

Marketing does work when planned & effectively implemented to give you the best possible return of your time & budget.

Marketing reviews

Tangram can review your current activity and work with you to position your business to achieve its' potential.

Marketing strategy

We can help you create a practical, effective and measurable marketing plan for your business.