Marketing Reviews

Is your marketing approach in pieces and your expenditure feeling like a constant drain?

Would you like a review of your current activity and learn how to position your business to achieve its' potential?

Tangram will work with you to assess your current marketing activity, set your goals for the business and design suitable actions to implement to achieve those goals as well as creating measures that will track your progress.

The marketing review is an in-depth study of your business. The areas that will be reviewed include:


What you sell and how they fit together. Identifying the products that offer the greatest profit and where they are in their life cycle. Which ones are cash cows and which are the dogs. What problems do your products solve for your customers?


Your current customers, who they are, where they are and what they do. Who might be new customers and how do their needs fit with your products.


How big are the markets you are targeting, how mature are they, who are the influencers?


Your pricing strategy and how its fits in the market.

Marketing Messages

What are you saying to who - what should you be saying and how?


An understanding of all those people/organisations who are affected or affect your business. What is your USP?


Who are they, what challenges do they solve, what is their pricing strategy - what is their USP - what kind of marketing activity do they do.

Current Marketing Activity

What have you done, what worked, what didn't and why. Accessing website/internet presence, PR, Advertising as well as exhibitions.

This is a comprehensive review that will take time and input from you but at the end you will have a clear understanding of where your business is now.

Marketing - an overview

Marketing does work when planned & effectively implemented to give you the best possible return of your time & budget.

Marketing strategy

We can help you create a practical, effective and measurable marketing plan for your business.

Marketing plans

Learn how to execute your marketing plan, measure the results and grow your business.