Marketing Strategy

Would you like to create a practical, effective and measurable marketing plan for your business?

The marketing plan is built from the information gathered from the review. This means that the marketing plan is created from relevant, current and in-depth information. Tangram works with you to create a marketing plan that is practical and robust - it will fit with your business and your marketing budget. Your marketing plan will be effective and it will create a profile for your business in your target markets which will lead to increased sales. Tangram recognises the importance of being able to measure the results of marketing and will work with you to create simple and effective measures of your marketing activity.

The marketing plan is based on the strategies that are relevant to your business.

Strategic areas will include:

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Markets
  • Prices
  • Promotions
  • Competitors
  • Stakeholder

Measures in the plan will be based on a variety of areas that could include:

  • Sales vs budget
  • Profit vs targets
  • Web site statistics
  • PR activity and response
  • Exhibition leads and conversions
  • Quotes issued against targets
  • Quote conversions against goals
  • New customers

Marketing - an overview

Marketing does work when planned & effectively implemented to give you the best possible return of your time & budget.

Marketing reviews

Tangram can review your current activity and work with you to position your business to achieve its' potential.

Marketing plans

Learn how to execute your marketing plan, measure the results and grow your business.